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Processing of Turmeric in India

Turmeric is mainly used in Indian dishes for its medicinal properties and for intensive color it gives to the dishes. Fresh turmeric is collected and sorted to separate mother and finger turmeric.

There is two way of processing, one method is turmeric with boiling followed by yard drying or mechanical drying and another is without boiling followed by mechanical drying.


Turmeric is washed by mechanical washer. It is done by spray and bubble washing. The turmeric is fed into the inlet. First it undergoes Rotary spray washing. Rotary spray washer consists of the brushers and blades, and water is sprayed in it. Then it undergoes bubble washing again it washed by spraying. We have to make sure soil particles are completely removed off.


Washed turmeric is boiled in cooking vessels till it attains temperature of 90°c- 100°c. Turmeric may take 45-90 minutes to get cooked. The end time of cooking is when the raw smell disappears and fingers turns soft. Boling is done to retain colour, to have uniform distribution of colour, reduce microbial load and to reduce drying time.

After boiling, the cooked mother turmeric is sliced to size of 5-8mm thickness and dried, cooked finger turmeric is dried as whole.


Drying is done by two methods.

Yard drying: cooked turmeric is uniformly spread in yard at temperature of 50°c- 65°c. It takes 5-6 days of drying time and moisture of dried turmeric should be maximum 10%.

Mechanical drying: cooked turmeric is dried by using drier and temperature is maintained at 80° c and takes 10-12 hrs of drying period. Moisture of dried material should be maximum 10%.


After drying, we take dried turmeric for polishing. Polishing is done to improve the appearance and to remove rough dull outer surface with scales. Turmeric is fed into polisher and it gets rotated and peel is removed by abrasion of surface against the mesh as well as by mutual rubbing against each other.


The polished turmeric is stored in a clean room. As per requirement it is powdered in pulverizer. There is no lead element in pulverizer.

Pulverizer has three steps

After feeding the turmeric fingers in the conveyer it moves the material to a metal detector for any metal detection. After passing through the metal detection, turmeric is moved to pulverizer where turmeric fingers are cracked and powdered. Finally the powdered turmeric is sieved through 60 mesh sieve.

The moisture content of powder should be maximum 10%. It is then double packed and stored under the condition of low temperature and humidity.


Fresh Turmeric 



Unpolished Dried Turmeric


Polished Turmeric



 Pulverizer for Powdering


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