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100% Organic Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is fruit from which the majority of the original water content has been removed naturally.

Fresh fruit is definitely best, but then again, how often can one eat fruit soon after plucking it from the tree? or would have to finish them all within few days before they start to get rotten.

Apricots: The journey of dried apricots originates in the vast orchards of Malatya, the primary apricot growing city in the world. These carefully selected fresh apricots are precisely sun-dried and specially processed for distribution to the most prestigious wholesalers and supermarket chains located throughout the world. Figs: From the beautiful Aegean region of Turkey, we proudly bring you figs. The delicious, tasty fruit favored by people everywhere. Our nutritious dried figs are meticulously processed and selectively graded to meet the highest standards of quality. We are able to provide you with figs that are whole. Our experienced production workers carefully shape and artfully package the figs to achieve the most appealing appearance. Sultanas:These small, seedless raisins are grown in lush farm lands located in the northern Aegean region of Turkey. Sultanas go through a long processing line, after which they are laboriously hand-selected three times over to select comparable color and grade. Sultanas have a color scale ranging from the lightest(golden) No.10, to the darkest No.8 (brown). The No. 9 Sultanas are light brown in color.

 All these dry fruits are Sulfites free, no added sugar, no preservatives. no GMO. no nasty chemicals. No chemical fertilizer.

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