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100% Organic Seasonings

We offer salt free spice blends that have unique aroma and taste. All our blends are made with 100% certified organic ingredients. These SALT FREE spice blends are created by native gourmet chefs and recipes have been used for many generations. Our curry blends can be used to make variety of dishes. Each belnd is designed to be unique and these blends are made in small batches for freshness and consistency. We offer popular Indian blends (curry powder, chicken curry powder, garam masala powder), Chinese Blend (Chinese Five Spices), Mexican Blend (Taco Seasoning), Italian Blend (Pizza Seasoning, Italian Seasoning) to cater the different taste. Our blends are not very hot. If you try them once, you are hooked for life !.

Organic Seasonings are free from chemical pesticide, chemical fertilizer, additives and irradiation.All our seasonings are SALT FREE.

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