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100% Organic Spices

Indus Organics spices are free from chemical pesticide, chemical fertilizer, ETO, additives and irradiation. All our products are very high quality and grown in bio-dynamic sustainable agriculture farms. All products meets the guidlines of USDA Organic standards and vertified/certified by CCOF. CCOF is a California based non profit organization that has been involved in organic certification of farmers for many decades. All products are inspected and verified by USDA and FDA for quality and meets the food/health requirements. Organic farm certification requires chemical pesticide residue testing, heavy water testing and other forms of testing. Each product lot is tested for E.coli, Salmonella, Mold, Yeast and Aerobic plate count.

Why organic products are more expensive ?.

Most of the conventional spices and herbs are not tested for pathogens, chemical pestcides & don't meet the high quality standard of organic spices. Quality assurance, product tracking, organic certifications (state & federal), usage of bio dyanmic environment, bio manure & compost, environmentally sustainable farming techniques and testing adds to the additional cost. Hence organic spices and herbs are more expensive than conventional counterparts.


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