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Black Pepper Difference

What is the difference between different Black Peppers ?

There are different varieties of black pepper available in the world. We are providing information for selecting the best pepper. Differences between peppers can be determined by a very simple method. One has to put the berries in the water and see how many barriers float at the surface. A count of floating berries will give the estimate of light berries. Quality and price of the black pepper can be determined by percentage count of light berries and berry size. Berries grown in Tellicherry region of India have the lowest % light berry count and unique taste. Tellicherry peppers (TGSEB) are the large ripe berries that have been left on the vine for longer period of time. These large berries have less heat than unripe small berries. Large ripe berries of TGSEB and Jumbo pepper gives them a very unique taste due to fruity nature. Tellicherry black peppers are the best of the best available from Indus Organics.

All peppers are not same and hence a customer should buy the product as per the taste and affordability. We sell Malabar Grade 1 (MG1), Tellichery Special Extra Bold (TGSEB) and Special Extra Bold Jumbo Pepper. Our newly launched organic jumbo pepper is the largest berry with exquisite taste and aroma. No other pepper can beat the size and taste. Please read a detailed comparison of Malabar, Tellicherry and Jumbo black peppercorns at our information blog. Please click on the link to buy Organic Malabar, Tellicherry Pepper and Jumbo Pepper online at wholesale prices. Our pepper is steam sterilized for high purity & free from chemical pesticide, chemical fertilizer, irradiation or any other additives. Our peppers are grown in sustainable organic biodynamic environment. Here is some data for comparison of black peppers from around the world.

Black Pepper Comparison (Steam Sterilized), Measured Data

Black Pepper Type Average Berry Size Bulk Density Light Berries, % Wt


Malabar                         3.75 mm                      550 gm/lt                            2.0
Tellicherry                      4.5-4.75 mm                590 gm/lt                            1.2
Jumbo                            5.5 mm                        570 gm/lt                            0.85


Country Origin Product Light Berries, % Wt



Brazil ASTA1                                                                                                 2.0
Brazil 1                                                                                                           5.0
Brazil 2                                                                                                           25.0


Grade 1                                                                                                           2.0
Grade2                                                                                                            3.0
Mixed Grade                                                                                                    50.0


MG Grade 1                                                                                                    2.0
MG Grade 2                                                                                                     5.0
MUG 1                                                                                                             7.0
MUG2                                                                                                              10.0
MUG3                                                                                                               15.0
MUG4                                                                                                               20.0
Tellichery Extra Bold (TGEB)                                                                        1.02
Tellichery Special Extra Bold (TGSEB)                                                         0.65


Sarawak Brown Label                                                                                         2.0
Sarawak Yellow Label                                                                                        4.0
Sarawak Black Label                                                                                          8.0
Sarawak Purple Label                                                                                       10.0
Sarawak White Label                                                                                         50.0
Sarawak Naturally Clean                                                                                     2.0
Sarawak Extra Bold                                                                                             2.0




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