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100% Organic Fennel Seeds - Indus Organics

100% Organic Fennel Seeds

$ 9.99

The flavor of fennel seeds is similar to that of anise and star anise, though usually not so strong. It grows mainly in India and Egypt and it has a mild anise-like flavor, but is more aromatic and sweeter. Its flavor comes from anethole, an aromatic compound also found in anise and star anise. In United States supermarkets, it is often mislabeled as "anise". Both the foliage and seeds of the fennel plant have secure places in the culinary traditions of the world. Dried fennel seed is green in color, it slowly turn a dull grey as the seed ages (for cooking, green seeds are optimal). Fennel seeds are sometimes confused with aniseed, which is very similar in taste and appearance, though smaller. Indians often chew fennel seed (or saunf) as a mouth-freshener. Fennel is also used as a flavoring in some natural toothpastes. Some people employ it as a diuretic, while others use it to improve the milk supply of breastfeeding mothers.

Many cultures in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East incorporate fennel seed into their culinary traditions. Many egg, fish, and other dishes employ fresh or dried fennel leaves. Florence fennel is a key ingredient in some Italian and German salads, often tossed with chicory and avocado. One may also blanch and/or marinate the leaves, or cook them in risotto. In all cases, the leaves lend their characteristically mild, anise-like flavor. Essential oil of Fennel is included in European and some national pharmacopoeias. It is traditionally used in drugs to treat chills and stomach problems. Fennel essential oil is used in soaps, and some perfumes.


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