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Indus Organic Black Seed, Nigella Sativa, Freshly Packed, 8 Oz (3 Pack)

Indus Organic Black Seed, Nigella Sativa, Freshly Packed, 8 Oz (3 Pack)

$ 37.99

Nigella sativa is used since ancient times in Asia and Middle East for various medicinal applications. These seeds are used for enhancing the body strength, treat allergies, malaria treatment and even as insect repellent. Nigella sativa has a pungent bitter taste. It is used primarily in candies and liquors. The variety of naan bread called Peshawari naan is as a rule topped with kalonji seeds. In herbal medicine, Nigella sativa has hypertensive, carminative, and anthelminthic properties. They are eaten by elephants to aid digestion. Nigella sativa has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, both as a herb and pressed into oil, in Asia, Middle East, and Africa. It has been traditionally used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal health, kidney and liver function, circulatory and immune system support, and for general well-being. In Islam, it is regarded as one of the greatest forms of healing medicine available. Prophet Muhammad once stated that the black seed can heal every disease—except death. Product usage are not tested and approved by USFDA. Products are suggestions by natural health practioner, please consult your doctor.


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