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Indus Organic Turmeric (6 % Curcumin) Powder, High Purity, Freshly Packed

Indus Organic Turmeric (6 % Curcumin) Powder, High Purity, Freshly Packed

$ 14.99

Curcumin, one of the active ingredients in turmeric, induces the flow of bile, which breaks down fats. Curcumin is also an anti-inflammatory agent that relieves the aches and pains associated with arthritis. It can be taken on a daily basis to improve body immunity to various allergic conditions owing to its anti-Bacterial activities. Turmeric's volatile oil functions as an external antibiotic, preventing bacterial infection in wounds. Organic Turmeric powder can be used for encapsulation and preparing highly beneficial organic Turmeric health tablets. Organic Turmeric pastes and ointments can be made from Turmeric.

The turmeric, with its antibacterial action, will prevent the bacterial wound infections. Turmeric oil (obtained from Turmeric) is an effective mosquito repellant and compares favorably with dimethyl phthalate in its repellant action against mosquitoes. Turmeric powder, extracts and curcumin also exhibit antioxidant property. Turmeric's major constituents are 'curcumin', various 'curcuminoids' and 'curcuma oil' (particularly dl-ar-turmerone), which exhibit a wide range of medicinal activities. Turmeric is a spice valued for its color, flavor, cosmetic and medicinal properties. The characteristic yellow color is due to Curcumin and related compounds called Curcuminoids present in rhizomes of turmeric in the range of 3 to 6%. This variety of turmeric has curcumin content of 6%

How to use? A small pinch of turmeric powder will add a nice orange-yellow color to spice vegetables or mix it into dressings. It is also great when rubbed on meat and added to curries and soups. Turmeric powder can be used to make many type of curries and meat dishes for it's color. Turmeric powder is also called curcuma longa and it has curcumin that can help many medical conditions. India produces 90% of the world's turmeric powder.



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